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Why are we so afraid to get heartbroken? 

Is there a part of us that believes we can avoid it?

I think that whenever I feel scared or anxious is when I become more aware of myself and how things around me have been affecting who I am.

And maybe that’s why I became so good at hiding from everyone else, building a barrier where no one could get in unless I gave them permission to. It is funny how sometimes we would let someone into our hearts and lives before we even stop to consider if they would be any good for us.

Now that I’ve been broken so many times I know it has nothing to do with who I am…and this is when it hit me, that instead of asking what did I do wrong?

I started to wonder… what is this trying to tell me?

You see… I don’t have the crystal bowl or somehow even developed superpowers to assure that any sort of relationship in my life would have a future or not.

But the only thing that I’m sure of now… is this: It doesn’t matter how many times you get to feel disappointed is not the worst thing in life if relationships fall off or if anyone leaves.

If you don’t get heartbroken… there’s no oh wow moment… because how else are you gonna realize what you need and put on limits?

Pain is part of the journey and you just have to choose if it´s big enough to embrace it and keep living as a victim or if it’s big enough to grow within.

We can’t be sure how or when are we getting broken.

But we can choose what to do about it.

I rather get heartbroken with an open heart

than keep shutting people out of my life.



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